The same married guy of integrity and 58 years old…that had contracted work at her facility for safety. While I was up living in a construction zone, coming home on weekends to work/maintain our new house, the two were having all kinds of fun and I was so beaten down…did not catch it. I am 50, recently single after an empty nest.

When you have all of that you’ve got a lot. Without sex, in most cases, the closeness will fade and one or both will feel neglected. Sex plays an important part in the overall intimacy of a couple. I’m not ashamed to say I miss the intimacy of a committed relationship, sex and all. If you care about someone you’ll want to make them happy, and that only works if both people are invested and make an effort to do for someone other than themselves. That’s different from a casual relationship where sex is all there is.

Age is Just a Number

We ‘re both into a very healthy lifestyle. We hike a couple days a week and usually go dancing on the weekends…2 hours of non stop loud Rock or Salsa . I too find it difficult to date in my 50’s. I fell in love with a man 2 years ago who is the same age as me, lots in common, but we did end up going our separate ways. He was newly divorced and was not considering getting into a relationship and wanted to sew his oats.

Your sex drives may not be the same.

One man I met online I became great friends with but he doesn’t want romance, being in another country, and another man is very sweet and kind but he has a lot of issues. I don’t know if we could ever have a future together, and here again, he’s in another country. When I think about what would be involved in making a life together, it’s quite overwhelming. I have read a lot here tonight, lots of different viewpoints, all educating. I had plans for our future together, I am now making plans for my future alone, spending more time with my daughters and with friends. Hey, I gave the married life my best, now on to new adventures.

I think that a positive and loving attitude and appreciation for the now is so sexy! (As is a man who can play guitar!). It doesn’t have to be crazy busy, just crazy simple and beautiful.

Well since most of the women nowadays that do Cheat more than men do which is real fact by the way. And since this happened to me it really devastated me at that time thinking that i had finally met the right woman to settle down with. And i was a very caring and loving husband that was very Committed to her as well which unfortunately it still wasn’t good enough for her. Now single and alone again since my Ex wife turned out to be the real pathetic low life loser that i never knew. And with no children to fall back on either just makes it worse for me since i always wanted children when we were married.

True Crime

More propaganda from the brain dead. Your divorced because you made a bad choice. You ignored good men for the “bad boy”.Or someone you could “fix”. So now you want someone to clean up the mess. The legal system is skewed in your favor so don’t expect men to do this again. We will keep what we have thank you and outside of sex, you really don’t offer us a hell of a lot when it comes to companionship.

Love amoung seniors has a depth and commitment unknown at any other time in life. It is also more complicated then other generations can imagine. Right decisions with the right mate is a gift beyond words.

They’re now married and have a son, Marek, and dog, Heath. They met at the University of Hawaii in November 2002, when she was a law student and he was a sophomore undergraduate. They were introduced by Sutherland’s sister, who was one of Wipp’s law school classmates, at a beachside barbecue.

If you’re having fun and the person you’re with is having fun you’re more likely to “click”. You’re not going to find the right person right away. It may take a while, but remember, sometimes the journey can be as much fun as the destination. Women here in your age bracket and mine do so little looking at themselves you can’t even remark on their bad driving habits. What I found was missing was actually having a relationship with this person. But we did not have a relationship.

I’m sorry to hear that your ex-boyfriend had an issue with the age difference between you two. She was so heartbroken about that fact that it affected me deeply. Again, the past is the past, and I acted the way I did because I loved her and I wanted for her to feel loved and not insecure. It may have back fired on me, but I hope that one day I can explain it to her so she can see I was coming from a good place in my heart. Thank you again for your insight, and I’m sorry that you went through something similar to what my friend went through 20 years ago. It took about a year of emotional recovery from the divorce for me to venture into online dating.

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