If they make their coffee at home, consider gift cards to Nespresso, Blk & Bold, or La Colombe. When in doubt, go with a classic—after all, chocolate-covered strawberries are a time-honored V-Day tradition for a reason. These juicy bite-size guys come hand-dipped in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and pink white chocolate and shipped overnight with ice in a gift box. Gone are the days when people loved to use long wired battery chargers which used to take hours to charge your electronic devices.

The whole present should probably be under $100 for all of these things together. A sentimental partner will think this wearable is super sweet—when one person taps their bracelet, the other’s vibrates gently to let them know you’re thinking about them. Support his baseball fever by gifting him a completely personalized glass. Every pint glass is designed by you—select skin tone, hairstyle, body shape, and more. The question of when to send flowers is a common one that may seem challenging to answer. Here are five occasions that make perfect opportunities for sending flowers.

Romantic Gifts That Can Be Delivered

IMAOBalmain Paris Hair Couture Gold 14k gold pleated bristle brushis the best first Valentine’s Day gift. It’s precious and has been on your girl’s wish list ever since she was a little girl. So, believe me, the perfectmatch com girl you have just started dating will loveDior Prestige Rose Cleansing Oil-Balm. After washing my face with this cleansing balm, my face feels soft. In fact, it feels so soft I could easily skip the cream.

If you know one of these occasions is coming up, make sure you order and send flowers in time for them to arrive. The tradition of gifting flowers to someone you’re dating has stood the test of time. Flowers send an affectionate, appreciative message to someone you care about. When just starting a relationship with someone, bringing flowers on the first or second date can show your affection and make the other person feel special. For more casual or less well-acquainted couples, surprising your partner with a bouquet on the third date is a sweet gesture that will help develop your bond.

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These initial mugs have more than 500 reviews and are a customer favorite. This winter beanie will keep them warm, especially on those date nights.

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Like romantic relationships in general, gift-giving shouldn’t be transactional. In other words, give them a gift because it makes you happy to do so, not because you want them to get you something even better. This plaid scarf is the perfect holiday gift, and something they’ll use all winter.

But a girl you didn’t find under the mistletoe at the family dinner party. A portable record player sure to be a crowd-pleaser, especially if they love music. Throw their favorite record in there and you’re an expert gift-giver. A restorative sleep mask for the guy who appreciates his Zzs.

On other occasions, it might come across as too formal or old-fashioned. One thing my husband and I do now that we’ve been married close to a decade is think of something we really want or need as a couple, and invest in that for the holidays. In the past we’ve saved up to buy a TV, go on a vacation/overnight getaway, or buy an item of furniture we needed for our home.

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If your date collects plants or has mentioned wanting to build a bigger collection, a small succulent is a perfect low-key gift. “If you’ve only been dating a month of two, for example, buying something in the $25 range is good,” Leckie said. “The key in a new relationship is to keep gift-giving simple and heartfelt,” Klapow said. “It’s not the time to purchase something that doesn’t have some meaning tied to it.” As Klapow shares, giving a gift with a purpose makes it easier to give. Instead of, “I really like you so I got you this random item,” you can say, “I know you really love Billie Eilish, so I got you this ‘Everything I Wanted’ keychain.”

What better way to remind them of your shared interests than with a book. This 5-star rated recipe book is perfect if you’re constantly tagging each other in cooking videos. If they’re good enough for Steve McQueen, they’re good enough for him. Take Netflix and chill seriously with this top-rated popcorn maker made to create a large shareable portion in under five minutes. Instead of having you manually stir the kernels while they pop, this machine does the work for you via a motorized stirring arm. We also love that the popping chamber can be tuned upside down and used as a serving bowl for even more convenience.