The government must recognize, capacitate and work with the Chamber. There are improvements regarding regulatory issues and public services. But still there is a chain of corruption in the government system. It is related to power and partisanships, which is a big obstacle that must be reduced. There are various issues studied and forwarded by the chamber and sectoral associations.

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Many Ethiopian academics today, particularly those in the diaspora, believe that ethno-nationalism poses a threat to the state’s very survival. Ethiopia has not done a very good job at nation-building. However, the societies are very interconnected and quite similar.

That is why Europe began its colonization of the western hemisphere, including its policy of rushing to conquer Africa. Ethiopia’s triumph at Adwa falls under the first category because it is known around the world and has received attention. Four diplomatic consulates started operating right away in Ethiopia. Ethiopia became the only nation of color to be acknowledged under international law.

South America

I was making good money and had good exposure as well, especially on the last year before Netsebraq. I think I was 10 or 11 when they started and from that moment on, my whole teenage time was spent listening to a lot of radio. Radio became a huge part of me, sound was everything because my experience is my mom’s voice but I started hearing her voice through other moms. Even when I travel and record, I know that tone, it has the same spirit. Endless practice and my experiences were my lessons. I remember building my first studio with Abu-Walad biscuit box and Miyota DVD microphone when I was 13.

Political parties care about the country, its people, history and culture. Even if political parties try to gain power they still stand for the people. The Civil Code, which has been in action since 1952, says that people can be arrested based on suspicion with or without a court ruling. Back in the feudal days, it was only allowed to arrest suspects from 6 in the morning till the sun sets but not after even if they were guilty. Police can surround him but they can’t arrest him, no matter who the person is. If Abiy does not practice this law, then the EPRDF and Derg’s plague hasn’t quite left his system yet.

I think it will slow us down in certain areas but we will continue doing our work in other areas. But everyone is sad to see the resumption of conflicts. Wherever we launched M-Pesa, we were successful and we are leading the market.

Threat Report: Big Hike in Cloud Attacks, but ‘Access Broker’ Biz Skyrocketed

The West’s motives driving its pressure campaign on Ethiopia, its long-standing regional ally, are purely self-centered and zero-sum. It is wary of Ethiopia’s pursuit of an independent foreign policy, which may very well frustrate the accomplishment of its strategic goal in the Middle East and Africa. First, Ethiopia’s apparent reluctance to do toe the West’s line has been perceived to make it harder to protect the interests of Egypt—the cornerstone of its Middle East policy. Second, its attempt to thread a needle as animosities between the West and China ramp up is not appreciated by the West, which feels threatened by Beijing’s growing clout on the global stage.

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Last year, the Addis Ababa Angel Investors Network invested in Eshi. Delivery business is a capital, technology and skill intensive venture. We hope the profit will come soon, once our delivery capacity grows. It is almost similar but slightly different regarding registration system and insurance policies.

Norway regularly comes top or close to the top of worldwide healthcare rankings. Healthcare in Albania is universal for citizens of Albania. The Government of Seychelles operates a system of medical facilities that provide treatment to citizens free of charge. The Government of Mauritius operates a system of medical facilities that provide treatment to citizens free of charge.

This is because if you want to end poverty, you have to invest in education. However, we chose Ethiopia as the location of our regional office. In 2005, we began working as an emergency aid provider, and in 2015, we officially began in Myanmar and Nepal as our first steps in Asian countries, with Ethiopia becoming our first African destination. We were collaborating with a local organization called E-network at the time, but they changed the name to Hailmariam and Roman Foundation. We were officially registered as a civil society organization in Ethiopia in 2019 after working with this foundation for about four years. It is unacceptable to feel unsafe and to face severe discrimination in your own country because of your heritage.