And No Gems, don’t always want things fast..We do love to take our time..Not as long as, the Bull.But we do at times love, to linger in the solitude of moments.. I love to be alone alot but,I do have moments, when i am not completely alone,and i hang out with good friends, not acquaintances. Please, don’t try to change because you are who you are and a Taurus Man will only frustrate you- You two are too different. I’m a Taurean male and I’ve been one for half a century.

They don’t need overwhelming passion or excitement; they just need each other. Read about Taurus woman sexuality and Taurus man sexuality. As partners, they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other. They will have plenty of fun inside and outside of the bedroom because they are adventurous. They will never turn down the opportunity for a good time. These signs are also sincere, so they will tell it like it is.

Taurus man, Gemini woman: Working together

Even now, when Jamie has risen to international fame, the tale of his meeting with Amelia remains a mystery. Also, their wedding, which happened in April 2013 in the English county of Somerset, was not like a celebrity wedding. Instead, it was a small gathering of close friends and family. Both signs are also laid-back and have a live-and-let-live attitude when it comes to their pals. Impulsive Gemini is prone to getting oneself into trouble.

Taurus may want too much for Gemini’s taste early in the relationship, but Gemini can become dependable and steady — Taurus must simply be patient. When Taurus and Gemini come together in a love affair, they must both take the time to learn what the dynamics of the relationship are and how they can best get along. Another point of contention is that Taurus loves to be in control while Gemini cannot stand to be controlled by anyone. The more Taurus tries to cling, the more Gemini will pull away. Taurus is very jealous, while Gemini is a natural flirt—so trust is a big issue.

When they encounter relationship problems, though, their communication can break down and lead to arguments. When a Taurus man and an Aries woman love one another it can be the perfect relationship. Aries provides the inspiration for Taurus to get off the couch and start moving. This woman teaches Taurus man there’s a wider world out there to be explored and discovered. These women need to remember that their Taurean men will eventually understand the problem. He just needs time and the knowledge that it’s no reflection on his performance.


Even though the Gemini woman is more reactive than the Taurus man, she bounces back quickly and doesn’t dwell in the negative. When he’s ready, he will open up to her and she’ll be right there to listen. A Gemini woman won’t pry or force her Taurus man into any situations that make him uncomfortable.

Gemini Sun – Cancer Sun Compatibility Summary

So, who else better to do this, if not the Taurus woman? The Gemini man is intelligent, but often fickle. He wants to be intellectually stimulated more than anything else. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 51,219 times. Try initiating sex by play wresting or lightly teasing your partner.

Taurus and Gemini

The full moon in Libra on April 5 is shedding light on your current values and belief systems, Aquarius, making this a significant period for spiritual and personal growth. On this day, the people around you will be all ears, eager to absorb any bits of wisdom you’re willing to share. As the intellectual air sign of the zodiac, you’ll feel completely liberated by doing so.

As a mutable sign, the Gemini sun sign is very adaptable, and sometimes they have a hard time connecting with/to earth. In astrology, we each have a sign in the moon and rising placements of our zodiac charts. Our moon sign represents our emotions and how we express them. Our rising sign is how people perceive us when they first meet us. As an earth sign, they are stable, hardworking, and like to stick to a routine. They like to live comfortably, and so they’ll most likely care about materialistic things.

When it’s good it’s great…when it’s bad I feel like the world is ending. They are very possessive it’s hard for me to do things on my own because he doesn’t like waiting for me. Be careful when they’re mad the bull sees red, and will throw harsh daggers that he will soon apologize for. I can’t wait to spend my life with him I truly love him. But sometimes he can get mean and say harsh things when us flighty Gemini speak our mind. Both the Taurus male and Gemini female are sensitive and will share some great affection for one another.

Left to their own devices, both of them will go to the same places and rarely break out of their routine to meet new people. She tends not to spend quite as much time in front of the television as a Taurus man, and she is less possessive of the remote amateur community control. While he is attracted to “the girl next door,” he needs a partner who can balance him and add a little spice to his life. He wants a nice house, a comfortable chair or couch, good food, good sex, and possession of the remote control.

If the union of Taurus and Gemini took place and they decided to legalize their relationship, then everyone needs to be prepared for various problems. A family can only be strong with constant work on each of the spouses. For his part, the Taurus man is slightly bewildered by this woman who weakens and upsets those of his points of reference that he believed to be so strong. The Taurus man feels very attracted to the nonconformist side of her and, above all, to her irresistible charm and her inexhaustible energy.